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Things to Consider When Designing a Memorial.

Designing a memorial tribute can be an emotional mission, but one that will be very rewarding as you contemplate how to remember a loved one and tell their story in stone. There are many areas you can search as you recall the highlights of a person’s life. What was their “love of life?”

There are many examples throughout this website and you will find it most helpful to visit the various categories and read the stories that contributed to these final memorial tributes. They may stimulate an idea for the memorial you are planning.

Are you honoring a loving mother, a devoted husband, a fun-loving brother or a child whose life ended too soon? Or are you a member of a committee charged with providing a public memorial to honor a war veteran, historic site, or occasion?


Each person and situation is unique and has their own distinctive story. How do you tell that story?

Their “love of life” is always exceptional: A man’s life profession may have been working as a chemist, but his love of life was raising champion Labrador Retrievers and training them to be great hunting dogs.

Another may have toiled for years working in a factory, but will be best remembered as the guy who bowled the perfect game to win the city tournament.

A high school athlete who carried a 4.0 point grade average and dreamed of catching the winning pass against his school’s rival - and DID in his senior year.

The loving grandfather who is best remembered by his eleven grandchildren for the crazy stories he told them – all with a message of how to best live one’s life.

There are millions more, of course. We urge you to get your thoughts together, do a little research, and take time to share your ideas with one of our staff members. We can take your thoughts and create a meaningful memorial of whatever size, style, and priced memorial required. 

How do you want to tell their story?

Telling the story...
          ...of a name forever remembered.
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